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Alex Wright, who is religion editor at IB Tauris has written in the Guardian godslot about Landscapes of the spirit

Christopher Howse in the Telegraph writes this week on Crying out for vengeance

In The Times Jonathan Sacks, who has today been knighted, writes about volunteering in Lifting others, we ourselves are lifted

This month in Harper’s Magazine Jeff Sharlet has a major article: Inside America’s most powerful megachurch. This was discussed in last week’s Church Times Press column by Andrew Brown in Where they queue to get in
Pastor Ted has been getting a lot of publicity lately in the USA, follow the links from The Church of No Questions

There’s a second article in that same Harper’s issue, Feeling the hate with the National Religious Broadcasters

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Christopher Shell
Christopher Shell
18 years ago

Ref: New Life Church, Colorado Springs:

Does anyone see the oddness of writing about far larger more ‘mainstream’ constituencies than any of ours – and (which is more to the point) constituencies which are far more effective in securing social change, including drops in crime rate etc – as though they were eccentric curiosities?

It can only come from seeing the English way as the normal and right way, and anything else as an aberration. Is it coincidence that it’s precisely English people who hold such a perspective?

Simon Sarmiento
18 years ago

The article about New Life Church was written by Jeff Sharlet. He is not English. Harper’s Magazine is not English. The Revealer website is not English.
Or did you mean I was odd for linking to something not about England? Or that Andrew Brown was odd for writing about it in the Church Times?

Christopher Shell
Christopher Shell
18 years ago

Yes, sorry – I should have made it clear that I was referring to Andrew Brown’s piece.

One day someone will realise that there are millions of better masters to serve than the great god cynicism.

…I hope :o)

18 years ago

I’m simply relieved that such things are not, and never will be ‘mainstream’in the UK.

Oh, and hello to the people at ‘Anglican Extreme’ who are writing about me. Honoured, I’m sure!

kevin raphael
kevin raphael
18 years ago

Mike: you wish!

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