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ACC Nottingham: Wednesday

Reports of today’s events will be added here as they are found.

ENS Member of Parliament affirms role of faith in society, ACC changes constitution, receives network reports

Canadian Press Canadian Anglican church plays down exclusion from two communion panels

National Post Anglicans ‘expel’ Canada

Anglican Church of Canada press release ACC decision regrettable, but of little practical consequence, Canadian Primate says

TLC George Conger Council Somber After Vote to Exclude North Americans

Official text of Resolutions Passed Today At ACC-13

The Times Ruth Gledhill American churches shown door as gay row deepens

Telegraph Jonathan Petre has a one sentence summary at the foot of a preview of Friday’s session:

The Anglican Consultative Council yesterday reaffirmed its commitment to traditional Church teaching on homosexuality following efforts by liberal Americans and Canadians to justify their consecration of a gay bishop and sanctioning of gay “blessings”. The council also narrowly voted to exclude Americans and Canadians from key committees of the Council, at least until the 2008 Lambeth Conference.

Anglican Journal Solange De Santis
Council votes to include primates
Council narrowly supports censure of Canada, U.S.

Matthew Davies and Bob Williams ACC affirms Communion-wide listening process, members’ voluntary withdrawal
(this includes comments from the Presiding Bishop)
Neva Rae Fox ACC votes to add Primates to membership

TLC George Conger ACC Suspends North American Churches

BBC US Church excluded for gay stance

Associated Press Jill Lawless Canadian, U.S. Anglicans avoid censure
This report also appears in many US papers under other headlines such as Conservative Anglicans fail in bid to censure North American churches over gay issue or Anglicans won’t censure wings of church

Bishop Duncan’s Blog Entry (item dated 22 June)

TLC George Conger Vote on Resolution to Expel North Americans Scheduled

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Thomas Bushnell, BSG
19 years ago

One does wish the press would agree. ๐Ÿ™‚

Rodney McInnes
Rodney McInnes
19 years ago

There are three things which should be said arising from these reports: First, on any view of it the vote on the resolution concerning Lambeth resolution 1998 1.10 and the Dromantine decision of the Primates is inconclusive. Of all the delegates to ACC 30 voted in favour of the resolution, 28 against, 1 voted ‘disstent’ (whatever that might mean – I would count it as a ‘no’), 4 abstained and 7 delegates were, for one reason or another, not present. And, of course, another 6 had ‘voluntarily withdrawn’. This was a big issue for those who supported the resolution, so… Read more ยป

19 years ago

Rodney, hopefully on your point 3 more lay representation will come…. in proper proportion to their church’s size. So hopefully the non-Western, non-liberal churches laity will indeed come to be properly represented. I think the Primates are far more likely to address this now they are members than the former membership body was ever likely to address it – seeing as it was clearly just being manipulated for Western purposes previously.

Kendall Harmon
Kendall Harmon
19 years ago

The press reports are all consistent, except for the Lawless article on AP which is embarrassingly inaccurate. However, even the reponse of Richard Kirker indicates clearly what took place.

This is but one part of a larger process as a global anglican family struggles to find its way forward with a gospel foundation at the beginning of the 21st century.

J. C. Fisher
18 years ago

I agree, Kendall: in the sense (“larger process”) that the AC takes one step back, as ECUSA/AngChCanada—led by the Holy Spirit (as apparently went unquestioned?)—takes two steps forward.

God is working God’s Purpose out . . .

18 years ago

Hi JCF, you still seem to think that ECUSA knows the mind of God better than the rest of us. What is your biblical basis for that ….?

I would also be very interested why 28 ACC delegates thought that they were in a position to vote against their own Primate’s express wishes… and what ECUSA/ACCanada planned to do if the vote went the other way!!?

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