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ECUSA and Canada thanked by ACC

In the final session of the Anglican Consultative Council meeting at Nottingham, the Resolutions Committee proposed a Supplementary Resolution of Thanks to the Episcopal Church USA and the Anglican Church of Canada.

According to the American Anglican Council:

The resolution prompted an amendment followed by intense and heated debate with several delegates expressing concern that it undermined the Resolution Concerning the Primates’ Statement at Dromantine and indicated a subtle approval of the US and Canadian presentations. The Archbishop of Canterbury intervened offering language that was accepted by the body. This debate illustrated that the Council remains deeply divided on the presence and presentation of the North American delegations as well as demonstrated the delegates’ concern that any resolution of thanks be consonant with the mind of the Council, thereby maintaining the integrity of the decisions of the meeting.

The resolution is shown below with the original language and the amended text:

The Anglican Consultative Council:

  • Notes the helpful manner in which with appreciation the response of the Episcopal Church (USA) and the Anglican Church of Canada responded to the request of the Primates’ Dromantine Statement;
  • Expresses its appreciation for the presentations made on Tuesday, 21st June; and requests the observers from those Provinces to convey that appreciation back to their Provinces;
  • Reminds all parties to have regard for the admonitions in paragraphs 156 and 157 of the Windsor Report

[NOTE: The Windsor Report, paragraphs 156 and 157 were included.]

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