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ACC: church press again

To complement the first Church Times article below, here from the Living Church is a transcript by George Conger of the interview on which the article was based: Q&A With the Archbishop of Canterbury
and this An Analysis of ACC-13 by George Conger

Church of England Newspaper
Church ‘has reinforced traditional teaching’ at ACC
Archbishop seeks to reassure after controversial Israel vote

Church Times
This week:
Williams: ‘we’ve held the line’ by Pat Ashworth
Feelings run high over resolution on Israeli investment by Pat Ashworth
UK policy on Zimbabwean refugees ‘inhuman’ by Bill Bowder

And more from last week:
The US and Canada justify their moves on sex by Pat Ashworth
ACC chairman ticks off Primates

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18 years ago

See my blog for an article by an Anglican is dismayed by the Israel resolution. The whole business has been particularly painful for someone who has hitherto been a big Rowan Williams fan. I understand the pressures he’s under, but can a man of his intellect really be so naive as to believe it has nothing to do with disinvestment? For all the woolly Anglican verbiage, it opens the door to disinvestment and is clearly understood as a victory by those who want it. Here’s the Church Times quoting Dr Williams on Zimbabwe: “I think effective intervention is bound to… Read more »

18 years ago

But there are plenty of examples of unacceptable behaviour by the israeli government. Have a look at read the article at

Alan Harrison
Alan Harrison
18 years ago

The web site of the Anglican diocese of Jerusalem is also interesting.

18 years ago

Mike, of course there is unacceptable behaviour by the Israeli government, but the Sabeel document is an example of exactly what I object to in Christian Aid’s approach. It plays counsel for the prosecution on behalf of one side in a historically and morally complex conflict, and tries to justify this with some ridiculous special pleading.

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