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ACC: reflections on Nottingham

My thoughts on the now-completed ACC meeting in Nottingham can be found at Anglicans Online this week, under the title The American Adventure. This complements my earlier AO report.

Further information about the missing annexes to that ACC resolution concerning the addition of Primates to ACC membership is still not available. When this become available, I will write further.

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Peter O
18 years ago

“Coffin Shaped Fan” – Priceless, Simon, priceless. I’ve still got one here next to my desk, and it’s NOT coffin shaped… It’s octagonal.

18 years ago

Thanks for the interesting account of a hot day in Nottingham, Simon. We can only hope that the ABC manages to keep injecting some sanity into the situation.

18 years ago

Thanks for this, Simon.

18 years ago

Thanks for the report, Simon. If the American Anglican Council and Anglican Extr^H^H^H^H Mainstream have spent all that time, money and energy only to have the result we saw – then they are getting precious little “bang for the buck.”

I’m heartened that, perhaps, whatever bit of momentum they’ve had is beginning to dwindle…

Vincent Coles
Vincent Coles
18 years ago

“I’m heartened that, perhaps, whatever bit of momentum they’ve had is beginning to dwindle…”

It does rather seem that the spirit of Dr Pangloss is alive and well in certain quarters.

I think the modern term is “relentless optimism”?

18 years ago

Well, I’ll admit they have “relentless optimism” in certain quarters (emphasis on the “relentless”). For example, they are a majority in my Diocese and thus feel free to “relentlessly” bully the 30% or so of us who are mainstream, broad church Episcopalians.

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