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For the weekend:

Giles Fraser writes in the Church Times about the CofE bishops and civil partnerships, Why you need love and more

Paul Oestreicher writes in the Guardian about The message of Hiroshima

George Coyne the Vatican’s chief astronomer writes in the Tablet about evolution in God’s chance creation

In The Times Jonathan Sacks has a column entitled ‘A clock seems to tick in the history of religions, sending crisis’

Damian Thompson writes in the Telegraph about Ancient fantasies that infect the internet and inspire suicide bombers and Christopher Howse has Christianity’s top 10 ideas

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J. C. Fisher
18 years ago

I sincerely hope that sometime in the next 20 years or so, we’re talking about {oh, I hope I don’t jinx him! *g*} “Archbishop of Canterbury Giles Fraser”.

Every time he opens his (virtual) mouth, the Grace of the Gospel flows out . . . 🙂

Leonardo Ricardo
Leonardo Ricardo
18 years ago

“Archbishop of Canterbury Giles Fraser”.

Yes, Cleanshaven truth…splashed with cool directness and punctuated by the arch of sparkling lemon scented brows.

Whew, it’s hot in the Caribbean…tomorrow I’m heading over to Central America and rejoice in more “EPISCOPAL sounds of welcoming in “The Land Of Eternal Spring.”

No extreme Globalsouthish thinking to fear.

+Giles must be near!

John Henry
John Henry
18 years ago

“No surprise then, that the incineration of Hiroshima raised no American Christian protest. It might, after all, have ended a terrible war, for hardly anyone then knew that Japan had already made moves to surrender. But Nagasaki three days later? This time there was no excuse. The relentless logic of war was enough reason to kill another hundred thousand.” Powerful words by Canon Oestreicher in The Guardian. But contrast what he writes with comments by the U.S. Vice-President Dick Cheney about the Gitmo concentration camp as a “tropical resort paradise” and we cannot help but recognize that we are all… Read more »

Martin Hambrook
Martin Hambrook
18 years ago

Got to agree with you there, JH – Christine Aguilera, Harry Potter and bespoke halaal meals is my idea of a thermonuclear hell.

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