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Malawi elects British bishop

ACNS reports:

The Revd Nicholas Henderson, currently Vicar of two west London parishes, All Saints, Ealing & St Martin’s West Acton, has been elected as the new Bishop of the Diocese of Lake Malawi.

Newspaper reports have been rather more forthcoming:

The Nation (Malawi) Anglicans reject bishop-elect by Bright Sonani

Church of England Newspaper Cleric’s bishop post riles African critics by George Conger and Jonathan Wynne-Jones

The Times Malawi in uproar over promotion of pro-gay churchman by Ruth Gledhill and Jonathan Wynne-Jones

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15 years ago

Perhaps theological position wasn’t the only concern of those who selected Rev. Henderson. The church in Malawi is far more complex and varied than Malango’s statements might suggest.

15 years ago

Is there a difference between the diocese of Northern Malawi and Lake Malawi? It would be most ironic if this were the diocese that Fr. Moyer moved into to escape the liberal tendencies of Bennison…

Simon Sarmiento
15 years ago

These two are quite separate dioceses. Malawi has four dioceses in total, within the Province of Central Africa which also covers Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Botswana.

Bob Kalimbe
Bob Kalimbe
15 years ago

This situation says alot. Should we say that whatever Malango says on behalf of the church is the reality on the ground. This election challenges his leadership. The results of the election should be respected by all.

15 years ago

I’m amazed that Rev Henderson wants to live and minister in Malawi…. a tad different from Ealing! Brave man.. but I’m not sure how culturally relevant he would be; nor, given the timing, whether the church needs the sort of controversy his presence would generate… The perceived support for culturally unacceptable immorality might kill growth and drive many away from the Anglican church. A risk worth taking ?

15 years ago

It also begs the question of what would happen should the expected split take place.

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