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holiday weekend columns

(This is a bank holiday weekend in England.)

Christopher Howse writes his Telegraph column about the Pope in Cologne, The revolution of the Magi.

For another view of the TV documentary mentioned by Howse, see Simon Barrow REFLECTING ON ‘GOD’S ROTTWEILER?’

The Guardian godslot is by Fred Sedgwick and is about the Book of Common Prayer, Prayers for today while Natasha Walter questions “evangelical” schools in Divine and rule.

Stephen Plant writes in The Times about the recent British school exam results, The tide is turning in favour of theology and the study of religion while Jonathan Romain writes about Jewish/Muslim relations, Making friends in Abraham’s family.

Giles Fraser in the Church Times has another view on the school exam results in Why schools need to look for their lost sheep.

The Spectator has an article provocatively entitled America: not a Christian country (easier to read printer-friendly version here).

As it is also Greenbelt this weekend, I offer two thoughtful posts from Paul Roberts who recently visited South Barrington:
A Brit in South Barrington 1
A Brit in South Barrington 2
where as Maggi Dawn says: Paul has been joining in with a Willow Creek conference, and is asking intelligent questions… like what can we learn from this phenomenon, even if it’s not our cup of tea?

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