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Shakespeare and religion

The BBC Today programme had a segment this morning on the theories of Clare Asquith, listen here (Real Audio, 5.5 minutes) to her and to Professor Stanley Wells who is unconvinced.

On Sunday, the Observer had this story Shakespeare was a political rebel who wrote in code, claims author

This earlier article The Catholic Bard in Commonweal gives more detail of her views.

The Washington Post published this review: Papist Plots

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Andrew Brown
18 years ago

hmmmm … “A british diplomat who served in Moscow and Kiev?” Could her husband be the Asquith who was on the list of spooks published by Mohammed al-Fayed, and supplied to him by Richard Tomlinson? I remember this detail because one of his sisters was a friend of mine.

Simon Sarmiento
18 years ago

Looks like it, which might explain why being rubbished by Stanley Wells didn’t bother her. (In our household Wells is revered in the same way as Diarmaid MacCulloch is.) Polly Toynbee didn’t seem at all convinced by her either, see,3604,1559440,00.html
although this almost certainly won’t bother Clare Asquith at all.

joe mitchell
joe mitchell
18 years ago

shakespeare was familiar with the Geneva Bible. did catholics of the time read the Geneva Bible? can someone knowledgeable respond?

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