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Before the Sentamu confirmation event, Stephen Bates wrote this piece for the Guardian: A pivotal moment which asks whether the Church of England’s first black archbishop can bring new impetus to a communion on the brink of schism…

After the service, Geoffrey Rowell wrote A new knot in the net that links communities in fellowship
for the Credo slot in The Times.

Ruth Gledhill reviews two books about Opus Dei in A wholesome reality shines beyond the dark conspiracy.

Earlier in the week Simon Jenkins had written in the Guardian that: London should keep its hands off the treasures of the north which deals mainly, but not exclusively, with the Zurbaran pictures at Auckland Castle. He says:

I am sure the Church of England would never think of selling its London treasures to meet its property losses. It would never part with the Westminster Abbey reredos, the Litlyngton Missal or the Charter of Offa. In St Paul’s Cathedral, works by Grinling Gibbons, Jean Tijou and Henry Moore are, we can assume, secure for the time being.

Christopher Howse writes in the Telegraph about A burglary in the Abbey but this turns out to have been in an earlier period.

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Alan Marsh
Alan Marsh
18 years ago

Simon Jenkins has much to say about some obscure paintings in a remnant of the Church of England’s obscenely wealthy past. They would not cease to exist if removed from their present home, but they would fund a considerable number of current parishes in Durham if sold. One has to ask what is the greater priority for the Church of England: caring for people, or for the art collection of an 18th century bishop of Durham? If the North East wants art treasures it could easily buy them out of the money saved from rejecting the Prescott Assembly. But it… Read more »

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