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Egypt: more press reports

The Church of England Newspaper website is already updated this week, and has:
Global South holds back from action against liberal provinces by George Conger and Andrew Carey
Archbishop appeals for unity in Egypt by Andrew Carey

And also, an analysis: Communiques message delivers a blow to West by Andrew Carey

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Jim Pratt
Jim Pratt
18 years ago

An interesting quote from Carey’s report: “However the presence of a significant delegation of Anglican Mission in America Bishops, under the auspices of the Province of Rwanda, and a large number of American hangers-on, caused consternation among Global South ranks. A number of leaders also resented the way the North American crisis figured so prominently in the final communiqué.” It seems like there are those in the Global South who are concerned that the agenda has been hijacked by those who are fixated on sex. How much of the neo-puritanism is authentically African, or Latin American, or Asian, and how… Read more »

J. C. Fisher
18 years ago

“To paraphrase, he accused whites of having told natives that homosexuality (along with many other native cultural traditions) was sinful…” And this, Jim, is something for which the Northern churches (i.e. white Anglicans) could well and truly REPENT. I’m of the “cock-eyed optimist” contigent on TA (embattled. shrinking?). But if faithful Anglicans of North and South (inc. indigenous Northerners, as above) could just find a way (around our hierarchies, for good or ill), and come together in *reconciliation* about the colonial/imperialist mistakes of the past (and repenting of the ones in the present), then there might be a way forward,… Read more »

18 years ago

JC: In my book you’re seeking the wrong things for the wrong reasons, but that’s not new news. However, I can’t help but admire your persistence and optimism. Snarling, sneering determined idealogues there are aplenty (on this site and elsewhere)–it’s nice to come across a good ol’ cockeyed optimistic dreamer from time-to-time. P.S.-that’s meant as a genuine compliment. Your posts are usually pleasant to read even though I seldom agree with anything you say–nice attitudes are hard to find these days. And, I’m all for nice attitudes–the two sides have to split, but I hate to see Christians throwing rocks… Read more »

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