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Sunday radio programme items

Two items from the BBC Radio 4 Sunday programme today.

Changing Attitude

The Anglican Campaign group Changing Attitude is celebrating its tenth anniversary this weekend. …the Anglican Communion’s first openly gay bishop, Gene Robinson, accepted an invitation to fly to the UK and join the birthday celebrations. He was speaking at St Martin in the Fields church in London yesterday, November 5th.

Listen here (7 minutes) Includes interview with Gene Robinson and also one with Davis Mac-Iyalla in Nigeria.

See also this BBC news report, Gay bishop attacks Catholic stand


The Church of England and indeed the whole of the Anglican Communion is in an edgy, some would say fractious, mood over issues such as homosexuality, the authority of scripture and whether the communion can hold together in its present form. Against that background two events this week have led some to fear that a break up is already starting here in the English church…

Listen (6 minutes) An interview with Pete Broadbent.

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18 years ago

What the ABofC recently said in answering questions about various issues (including the homosexuality debate, Civil Partnerships, discipling errant churches, his recognition of various “orthodox” networks in revisionist churches, witnessing to Moslems and his involvement in a Jewish person coming to Christ) has been posted here:

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