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updated Sunday evening

A new blog site has appeared which contains many documents emanating from the recent meeting in Egypt (more precisely at Ein El Sukhna on 25-30 October 2005): Global South Anglican

These include:
A full transcript of all the Questions and Answers put to and answered by the Archbishop of Canterbury

Additional Comment: this transcript now appears to have been mysteriously truncated.

Other items not available elsewhere include sermons or presentations by several archbishops:
Peter Akinola,
Datuk Yong Ping Chung, and
Drexel Gomez.

Ruth Gledhill had some comments on all this last Friday, which you can read here

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Graham Kings
18 years ago

This is a very helpful site and Rowan Williams’ answers to these key questions are full of insight. In the change from oral answer to written text, however, there are some spelling mistakes. In particular, the name of Sue Parkes, (the overall manager of the Lambeth Conference 2008) is transcribed as ‘Sue Cox’.

Augustus Meriwether
18 years ago

On the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Q&A… Re Q1 “The church overall, the church of England in particular, the Anglican communion has not been persuaded that same-sex sex can be holy and blessed. Were it to decide that by some process unimaginable to most of you it would be by an overwhelming consensus. Only at that point would it be possible to say in the name of the church, this is holy and blessed. So I take my stand with the church of England, with the communion, with the majority of Christians through the ages.” This is a bit of a… Read more »

J. C. Fisher
18 years ago

Sorry to see you feeling down, Augustus. :-/

I don’t like (per the ABC’s reply above) “taking stands”: I feel like my appropriate posture is *on my knees*, in gratitude for Our Lord’s mercy.

However, if compelled, I’ll take my stand with the *heart* of Anglicanism: the Episcopal Church USA (and the many, many faithful Anglicans all around the world who remain, gladly, in communion w/ it).

Buck up, Augustus—we already know how this ends: as Our Redeemer liveth, WE WIN!!! 😀

18 years ago

I think that his public statement that he recognises the orthodox networks in ECUSA and Canada (Q7) is very important. He even discussed talk about them being recognised a province… and I was also quite heartened by his answers to Q11 – his own and other people’s coming to Christ… It was quite a brave thing to talk about his involvement in the conversion of a Jewish woman to Christianity.

Augustus Meriwether
18 years ago

Hey, not down, JC, just pessimistic.

After, reflecting on this and looking more closely at it and other people’s insights, I’m less inclined to let Dr Williams off the hook. In fact, I’m starting to realise my previous support of him may have been misplaced.

I have been most impressed by The Anglican Scotist’s analysis of this (I hope he won’t mind me linking it, but I think it is brilliant and absolutely right):

I think the insights here are very important.

in a nutshell: Mind of Christ not Mind of the Consensus.

Göran Koch-Swahne
18 years ago

Also Dave, it does not seem that Dr Rowan recognises other than the Network m e m b e r s to be Anglican (being members of ECUSA), and outright rejects the idea of “recognition”, especially as “provinces”.

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