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Saturday opinions

From the Telegraph:
Simon Heffer comments on the visit of The Queen to the General Synod, More mediaevalism wouldn’t go amiss

Christopher Howse remembers Peter Anson, A failure, though sharply observant

From the Guardian:
Nicholas Buxton writes on secularism in Face to Faith

From The Times:
Roderick Strange Bleak November is the month to consider, and apportion, our talents

Ruth Gledhill interviewed Gene Robinson, ‘In the end, there is no one God does not love’

From the Church Times
Paul Vallely on Priest Idol, Give the priest a proper chance

Robin Gill The patient doesn’t always know best

Mark Vernon Partnerships could save marriage

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Thomas Renz
Thomas Renz
18 years ago

Mark Vernon compares civil partnerships to formalised friendships in medieval times but he overlooks some key differences. As he writes, “Such sworn brotherhoods and sisterhoods were formal relationships that usually existed alongside those of husband and wife.” In contrast, a civil partnership is exclusive. You can only be in one at any given time and you cannot be married at the same time (and of course you cannot be “civil partner” to someone of the opposite sex). There are even restrictions to do with prohibited degrees of (blood) relationship. It is therefore not simply an expression of a particular agenda,… Read more »

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