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In The Times Geoffrey Rowell writes about Advent: Advent reminds us to stay watchful as we await the kingdom of God.
Also, Valerie Grove interviews Timothy Radcliffe ‘Christians should puzzle and intrigue people’.

Steve Parish raises questions about the link between church and state in the Guardian’s Face to Faith column.

Christopher Howse writes about C. S. Lewis: The saint and the dinosaur in the Telegraph. There was also an interesting article earlier in the week about Anglicans in Baghdad: Reflections of a ‘cheap warmaker’ by Danny Kruger.

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J. C. Fisher
18 years ago

Father Timothy Radcliffe, OP, seems like a jolly soul. However, when he suggests that “Christians should puzzle and intrigue people”, he seems almost oblivious to the current reality: too many Christians (oh, say, like those in the Vatican?), too much of the time, *flabbergast and disgust people*. In other words, “Before Charm, Comes ‘Do No Harm'”. [Re “On women priests he is less sanguine. There must be disputatio — the medieval formula for argument which advances in subtle stages towards a final convergence.” Would any priests-who-are-women (Anglican) be invited to the disputatio? Instead of tedious “subtle stages”—nothing focuses an argument… Read more »

18 years ago

I’ve been impressed with +Europe’s writings recently… Hurray the Anglo-Catholics !

and that from a liberal evangelical… 😉

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