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from the London papers

The Guardian has had several items of a religious nature this week:
St Andrews researcher questions belief in hell
Oliver Cromwell and the Jews: a correction
and today’s Face to Faith column by Malachi O’Doherty
But even more interesting was this from the Readers Editor, Ian Mayes:
Open door
The readers’ editor on … a charge that the paper is no longer secular.

Christopher Howse writes today in the Telegraph about Fashions in sexuality and Charles Moore writes about Rowan Williams’ visit to Pakistan in But, Archbishop, this is the bleak mid-winter for many Christians.

Jonathan Sacks writes in The Times about Different freedoms, or why religion and politics should never mix. Michael Binyon writes on Bridge between the mosque and the synagogue.

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18 years ago

Re : Oliver Cromwell and the Jews.
See :

This seems to give a slightly different slant to the affair.

Patrick Rothwell
Patrick Rothwell
18 years ago

Christopher Howse must be on a Peter Anson jag after having written about him twice in the last three months. The headline seems to be a play on Anson’s book “Fashions in Church Furnishings.”

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