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Lake Malawi: diocese rejects provincial decisions

Updated Saturday
This week’s Church Times carries more detail of the story below. See Malawi 21 reject Bishop Mwenda by Pat Ashworth.

According to the Daily Times in Malawi, Anglicans reject bishop again:

The Anglican Diocese of Lake Malawi has rejected retired Bishop Leonard Mwenda of Lusaka, Zambia who was last month appointed interim head of the church in place of another rejected Bishop-elect Reverend Nicholas Paul Henderson.

The Court of Anglican bishops in Central Africa refused to confirm Henderson as bishop for Diocese of Lake Malawi on allegations that he was supportive of homosexuality.

But the clergy from the Lake Malawi Diocese meeting Friday last week disagreed with the church court’s decision to reject Henderson and complained that Mwenda was imposed on the Diocese.

More details in the article.

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Prior Aelred
15 years ago

This is most interesting — I am unclear how this is supposed to be resolved — clearly the area bishops seem to have veto power, but the diocese seems to be standing firm — is there a possibility of stalemate?

Göran Koch-Swahne
15 years ago

Panel of Reference

Greg Jones
Greg Jones
15 years ago

Well — now this is an exciting development. It would appear there is not a monolithic “Global South” — eh?

15 years ago

Perhaps we (TEC) should take Lake Malawi under our wing — as they are obviously being victimized and oppressed by Archbishop Malango. {removes tongue from cheek}

15 years ago

Anybody got Malawi constitution?

15 years ago

I suspect that the Diocese has to reach agreement with the Metropolitan in such cases…

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