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The Times has an interesting feature article about women’s ordination, titled The sisterhood. Interviews with three Anglicans are included: Joanne Grenfell, Lucy Winkett and Jessica Swift.

Elsewhere in The Times Roderick Strange writes about Christmas and Ruth Gledhill writes about St Nicholas.

Michael Burleigh’s piece in the Times titled Peer into today’s Aladdin’s cave and try to detect a spiritual life contrasts with Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor writing in the Observer about an Outbreak of faith.

The Guardian’s Face to Faith column is by David Self and is about civil partnerships.

In the Telegraph on Saturday, Christopher Howse wrote about The Christmas law of gravity. But much more interesting is the article by John Sentamu in the Sunday edition, This year, Christmas should last a lifetime.

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18 years ago

As a reflection on the articles here, I find it interesting that at a deep level these people are all writing about the nature and purpose of memory. There is an interesting thread here: rationalist secularism (and its poor deformed child, PC) is represented as willfully forgetting the consequences of it’s past actions, and therefore going on to repeat past mistakes. Meanwhile, Christianity is memory par excellence: we celebrate a feast that recalls an event that took place over 2000 years ago (however much we may dispute details, such as dates and customs). Most of the Church’s legacy is seen… Read more »

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