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Anglican Theological Review: Fall 2005

A range of essays from the Fall 2005 issue of Anglican Theological Review is now available from this page.

Several of these relate to the Windsor Report.

The Windsor Report: Communion, Structure, and Covenant by Ellen Wondra (this is an introduction to the set of articles, another copy is here)

A Note on the Role of North America in the Evolution of Anglicanism by Paul Marshall
After Dromantine by George Sumner
Authority, Unity, and Mission in the Windsor Report by Ian Douglas
Thoughts on the Windsor Report: What Went Wrong? by Paul F M Zahl
The Spiritual Context of the Windsor Report by Steven Charleston
“But It Shall Not Be So Among You”: Some Reflections Towards the Reception of the Windsor Report within ECUSA by A Katherine Grieb
Covenant, Contract, and Communion: Reflections on a Post-Windsor Anglicanism by Harold Lewis
Freedom and Covenant: The Miltonian Analogy Transfigured by Ephraim Radner
Restoring the Bonds of Affection by William R Carroll
The Windsor Report: Two Observations on Its Ecumenical Content by J. Robert Wright
The Windsor Report and Ecumenical Dialogue by Kevin Flynn
The Unopened Gift by Jeffrey Steenson

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Ellen K. Wondra
Ellen K. Wondra
18 years ago

Thanks for making this issue of the ATR available online. And I’m glad to know about this site. The more thought the better!

18 years ago

I note that the Anglican Theological Review gives space to writers with as wide a range of theological viewpoints as Radner and Charleston. Good for them.

Makes me wonder if the American Anglican Council would deign to have someone like Fr. Bill Carroll in the pages of *their* journal. Heck, I bet he couldn’t even get a fraction of a column inch in my diocesan newspaper (Dallas 🙂 I’d speculate that they’re afraid of their members actually pondering other viewpoints. Could lure them away from the party line…

Richard A. Menees
Richard A. Menees
18 years ago

It is too bad that ATR doesn’t have the intellectual integrity to live up to its claim to publish peer-reviewed aritcles. For example in this edition the editors of the ATR let stand Harold Lewis bogus claim that Richard Hooker wrote, “Pray that none be offended if I make the Christian Religion an inn where all are to be received joyously rather than a cottage where a few friends of the family are to be received.” Before Simeon wastes more unmerited praise on ATR and more mean spirited vitriol on the AAC, let the editors of ATR either produce proof… Read more »

Tobias S Haller BSG
Tobias S Haller BSG
18 years ago

Re the “Hooker” quote: it probably would have been much better to say something like “attributed to” and to have added a footnote to outline its relatively recent and unsourced appearance, and the strong likelihood that it is not an actual statement by Hooker. But surely two things are evident: 1. It is in keeping with the spirit, if not the language, of Hooker. A more apt and authentic quotation to Lewis’ ends might have been this from the Preface 9.3: “Far more comfort it were for us (so small is the joy we take in these strifes) to labour… Read more »

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