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From the Guardian’s Face to Faith column: Martyn Percy writes about Anglican diversity.

In The Times William Taylor of St Ethelburga’s Centre asks How do Christian, Jewish and Muslim leaders work together to sort out hate crimes? in Honesty will help to prevent acts which bring shame on the community.

Christopher Howse writes in the Telegraph about psychoanalysis and religion in Sharing a couch with believers.

The Tablet has Keith Ward writing about the recent Richard Dawkins TV programmes in Faith, hype and a lack of clarity.

The Tablet also has a review by Owen Gingerich of Exploring Reality: the intertwining of science and religion by John Polkinghorne in Evolving, unfolding world.

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Martin Reynolds
Martin Reynolds
18 years ago

Keith Ward does a first class job on the Dawkins rant. I would love to be a fly on the wall the next time they sit down together at High Table.

Michael Burleigh’s “Dark Enlightenment” on More4 last week was almost as poor – but I have seen few comments on that polemic.

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