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General Synod: Tuesday

General Synod – Summary of Business Conducted on Tuesday 7th February am
This includes an audio recording of the whole debate.

The Times Ruth Gledhill Synod inches towards women bishops

Archbishop of Canterbury’s Sermon at Eucharist service, General Synod London

Archbishop’s contribution to the debate on the House of Bishops’ Women Bishops Group Report to the General Synod from a working group chaired by the Bishop of Guilford

Change in the order of business for Wednesday:
Questions 17-25 relating to the Octavia Hill Estates will be taken on Wednesday morning immediately after the Legislative Business.

Evening Update
General Synod – Summary of Business Conducted on Tuesday 7th February pm
Again complete audio files are available there.

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18 years ago

Who is pushing divestment?

In 2002 this article appeared in a Christian web site in Nazareth, a site not noted for its support of Israel, Anglican Bishop Abu Asal openly endorses suicide bombers.

Now we read that Bishop Abu El-Assel is a moving force behing Anglican divestment from Israel.,,2-2028504,00.html

Should questions be asked about the motivations of those pushing for divestment?

18 years ago

No. Perhaps we should question instead the motives of Christian Zionists who support illegal occupation of another country.

Augustus Meriwether
18 years ago

Well it is clear that questions should be asked of what Bishop Abu El-Assel was actually saying in the speech, ie: what was the occasion, purpose and context of it and what was the full text etc (although, from a universalist perspective, from the quotes, he wasn’t saying anything untrue – ‘martyrs’ of whatever religious or political pursuasion like everyone else will finally be with the Lord for eternity). The link you gave to the Nazareth website clearly states he was speaking about Arab Christians: “Bishop Abu Asal was speaking about the Christian Arabs and their unique role through History… Read more »

J. C. Fisher
J. C. Fisher
18 years ago

Is anyone else bothered by the *qualitative distinction* drawn between Palestinian suicide-bombers, and Israeli air-fired missiles (or tank rounds)? *Both* are trying to solve problems using violence. *Both* using human-killing weapons via the delivery systems they have available. *Both* methods of violence theoretically targeted (even the entirely pro-Israel U.S. media occasionally reports “the bus system is frequented by Israeli soldiers”), but *practically indiscriminate*. In short, both sides are reprehensible (and Anglicans shouldn’t materially support them—while they are war-making—in the least) . . . . . . but *one side* is occupying the other. *One side* has the discretionary power-to-make-peace (which… Read more »

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