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BBC radio items on Nigeria, Sudan

From the Sunday programme on BBC Radio 4

Religious riots in Nigeria

Religious riots in Nigeria have claimed more than 100 lives this week.

Nigeria’s 120 million people are roughly equally divided between northern Muslims, and Christians and animists in the south.

More than 10,000 people have been killed in communal violence since 1999. For the latest news Roger Bolton was joined by the BBC’s Alex Last in the Niger Delta. – Nigeria country profile
Listen (3m 51s) (Real Audio)

Archbishop of Canterbury in Sudan

The Archbishop of Canterbury is in the Sudan. What can such visits achieve and can this latest one contribute to peace between the Muslims and Christians in the Sudan, and of course in the Darfur region in the north west where ethnic cleansing has been taking place?

Roger spoke to BBC correspondent, Jonah Fisher, in Khartoum and asked him where in the Sudan the Archbishop will be going. – Archbishop of Canterbury
Listen (4m 15s)

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