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columns for Easter Eve – part two

Jane Williams has the Face to Faith column in Saturday’s Guardian.

And here is her husband’s Easter Message to his Diocese.

Andrew White writes the Credo column in The Times today: Faith makes for safety in Baghdad, the most dangerous parish in the world.

Christopher Howse writes on The tragic-comedy of Richard Sibthorp.

Charles Curran writes in the Tablet about Benedict XVI’s first year: From division to unity.

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Mark Vernon
18 years ago

People seem shocked by the strong words of the Pope at the Good Friday stations of the cross – ‘inane apologia of evil’ and so on. A constrast is being drawn between the harshness of these words and the spirit of his first encyclical, God is Love, which most took to be nuanced, positive, even conciliatory. However, the two are of a piece: it seems to me that liberal Catholics, and others, were simply blinded by the latter’s talk of love for the encyclical too stands in strong contrast to any views that could be called liberal or progressive. I… Read more »

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