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election weekend opinions

I refer of course to the ECUSA episcopal elections.

Back here in England, we have columns of opinion:

The Times Jonathan Sacks The Jewish tradition is firmly opposed to assisted dying.

This is the view of the Church of England (see also this page on What Can I Do?) and also see the remarks of the Bishop of St Albans. And if you agree you can sign up at Care NOT Killing.

Also in The Times we have Ian Hislop on Broad of church and broad of mind.

In the Telegraph Christopher Howse reports on a new opera about Thomas Becket in King’s friend and victim.

The Guardian has a Face to Faith column by Simon Rocker in which he argues in favour of state funding for faith schools.

Earlier in the week, the Guardian had a column by Giles Fraser titled God is the God of all about the relationship between the BNP and evangelical Christians. The Methodist Church website to which he refers can be found here.
Addendum some more detail on the BNP/Christian issue can be found here.

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