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Zimbabwe: clerics seek help from Sentamu

From the IWPR a report by Trevor Grundy Zimbabwean Clerics to Seek Help from Archbishop of York

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This is a highly unfortunate report. It leaves a wide hole for non-christians, particularly atheists, to see christianity as reported in Zimbabwe as just another violent political faction; it gives great opportunity for debunking this simplistic “I won => it’s God’s will” attitude; much as I hate to say it, there is no sign of God working through the report.
I wish ++York well ;/

Augustus Meriwether

One of the main justifications for having an institutional church (as opposed to groups of Christians floating about the place and meeting and working together without bureaucracy, canons and officials/priests is that there is accountability. Once this is gone, a church is an extremely dangerous place and should be abandoned as quickly as possible. Why do the Anglicans of the Harare diocese continue to step through the doors of Anglican churches in that diocese, let alone still put money into it? Surely every penny and every attendence at those churches is a demonstration of support for Kunonga and Malango? Why… Read more »