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yet more comment on General Convention

On the Anglican Communion Institute website, Andrew Goddard has analysed the GC resolutions for their compliance with the Windsor Report.

At The Witness Gene Robinson has written An Open Letter to my LGBT Brothers and Sisters.

Jim Naughton had his review of the Sunday websites.

And Nick Knisely has a whole series of thoughtful posts on his blog Entangled States.

So also does Fr Jake at his blog.

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thomas bushnell, bsg
17 years ago

unless i am mistaken, the anglican communion institute has not bothered to track compliance with section 155 of the windsor report. emails to them on my part have thus far been unanswered. i’m normally very happy with thinking anglicans, but it is not appropriate (in my opinion) to contribute in the little way this post did to the thinking that compliance with the windsor report is something that only canada and the us can do. even a little note, saying “they did not address section 155” would be useful. we must not permit the unthinking anglicans to continue to pretend… Read more »

Martin Reynolds
Martin Reynolds
17 years ago

Once again I find Andrew Goddard short of the standard he is capable of. The American Church has responded to the Windsor Report far more fulsomely than any other member Church of the Anglican Communion has at this stage. Indeed I believe they have set a standard of “obedience” to the principles set out in Windsor that other Churches will find difficult to emulate. While the preamble to Windsor clearly states that nothing it contains is by way of a “judgment” just the beginning of a process, Mr Goddard seems to take a contrary view and lays out his paper… Read more »

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