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news reports on ECUSA


Associated Press Rachel Zoll Episcopal Feud Over Gay Bishops Widens and earlier version.

New York Times Tina Kelly Gay Episcopal Priest Named as Possible Newark Bishop
and Neela Banerjee Three Dioceses Appeal to Distance Themselves From Episcopal Church

PIttsburgh Post-Gazette Steve Levin Pittsburgh Episcopalians seek separate conservative jurisdiction

Washington Times Julia Duin Virginia churches plan diocese exit

San Franciso Chronicle Matthai Chakko Kuruvila 4 Episcopal dioceses want out of church

Newark Star-Ledger Jeff Diamant Gay priest in running to lead Newark Episcopalians

Charleston Post and Courier Michael Gartland Episcopal diocese takes step toward split

Episcopal News Service ‘Alternative primatial oversight’ requested by three standing committees Virginia priest elected by Church of Nigeria to serve in North America

Living Church
Pittsburgh Seeks Alternative Primatial Oversight, Tenth Province
Canon Minns Elected Missionary Bishop for Church of Nigeria
South Carolina and San Joaquin Also Seek Alternative Oversight

BBC New row looms over US gay bishops

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Cynthia Gilliatt
Cynthia Gilliatt
17 years ago

I find it curious that – according to the Washington Times article – the rectors of Truro and The Falls Church have announced their intent to leave – but also are setting up 40 day discernemtn processes. If the decisions have been made, what’s the point? Oh well – neither has been happy with democracy, since they have trouble acceptinig democraticlaly arrived at decisions. For those not familiar with it The Washington Times is owned by the Moonies, and has been steadily in Minns’ cheering section for some time. It is not always accurate. There may well have been people… Read more »

17 years ago

The Wash. TIMES story is incorrect in saying that the Falls Church and Truro have plans to leave the diocese of Virginia. See the statement on the website of the Falls Church:

A detailed current statement by the Falls Church of its situation vis-a-vis the Diocese and ECUSA is available at:

Obviously it’s no secret that the issue of “walking apart” from ECUSA is under discussion at the Falls Church and Truro, but the 6/29/2006 news report (apparently arising from the 6/28 election of Truro’s rector as a “missionary bishop” for Nigeria) is simply wrong.

17 years ago

That’s absolutely right. They need to make sure they get to keep the silver before they make an irrevocable decision to walk apart.

17 years ago

A letter to the Diocese of Virginia from the Rt. Rev. Peter James Lee, Bishop June 29, 2006 Dear Friends: In a story in today’s Washington Times newspaper (June 29, 2006), reporting on the election by the Nigerian Episcopal Synod of the Rev. Canon Martyn Minns as a bishop of the Church of Nigeria, it is asserted that Truro Church, Fairfax and The Falls Church, Falls Church have informed me that they plan to leave the Diocese. I have had no such conversation with either church. In fact, I received a call today from the Rev. John Yates, rector of… Read more »

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