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More on Lake Malawi

The Nation now reports that Malango rules out Henderson return:

The office of the Anglican Archbishop of Central Africa in Zomba has indicated that the decision to order Bishop James Mwenda to return to Zambia does not mean giving a chance for rejected British clergyman Paul Nicholas Henderson to head the Diocese of Lake Malawi.

Provincial Secretary Eston Pembamoyo said Monday Mwenda had to leave the country to allow for neutral discussions between Anglican bishops in Malawi and the laity of the Lake Malawi on the way forward.
Pembamoyo ruled out the possibility of reconsidering the diocese’s first choice, Henderson, who was rejected following allegations that he supported gay activities in the United Kingdom.

“Henderson’s case is a closed chapter. There is no way we can start discussing him again,” said Pembamoyo…

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Laurence Roberts
Laurence Roberts
17 years ago

Fr. Henderson should obviously be rejected for the diocese:—

He has given about two decades disinterested involvemnet to the diocese, and has many genuine links born of this. He genuinely cares for the people and the place.

Instead, lets have a time server…..

Ford Elms
Ford Elms
17 years ago

How are bishops chosen in Malawi? If there is significant diocesan input and the people, and presumably clergy, selected him, it is disturbing that the archbishop would go against them.
Ford Elms

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