Thinking Anglicans

some American responses to General Convention

The Presiding Bishop has issued some personal thoughts in A Word to the Church.

Bruce Mullin has written at Beliefnet What’s Going on in the Anglican Communion?

The Living Church has published an editorial comment Convention Stumbles and Falls on Windsor Report.

The Anglican Communion Institute has published Our New Season of Anglican Maturing by Christopher Seitz, Ephraim Radner, Philip Turner. Reaction to it by Matt Kennedy is here. A further article by Ephraim Radner in response to Kennedy is here.

Tom Woodward’s blog has published A Manifesto by The Rev. William R. Coats.

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J. C. Fisher
17 years ago

The Living Church’s editorial has a fatal crash right here:

“Nevertheless, the Windsor Report’s recommendations seemed to be the best way to address the muddled situation brought about by the New Hampshire consecration.”

The “muddled situation” (now there’s a euphemism!) was NOT brought about by TEC’s . . . *honesty*, in consecrating +Gene Robinson.

Rather, it was brought about by the hysterical REACTION, in some quarters of the AC, to that honesty. :-/

17 years ago

Sooner or later when a LGBTQ son/daughter starts to come out to the extended family, – sombody, somewhere will ask: Why are you trying to destroy this family by talking about this? That is one of the lower points in the ups and downs of coming out to the extended family. It is almost impossible to answer, so many and so fast and so entirely off point are its presumptions and assumptions. Later, after calm has settled; and perhaps after others less hysterical have spoken up in two and threes and fours – the hysterical question fades, and the real… Read more »

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