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Middle East statement by ABC

The Archbishop of Canterbury has issued this statement:
Archbishop condemns escalating violence in the Middle East.

So far, among London newspapers, only The Times has reported on this. Further discussion by Ruth Gledhill here.

Ekklesia has Williams laments Lebanon vicious spiral of violence.

It has however been reported in Bahrain and in Iran, and was mentioned by the Associated Press and also in The Nation.

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Laurence Roberts
Laurence Roberts
15 years ago

It’s good the archbishop is able to think of and speak to this human situation. I am glad all the internal ‘anglican stuff’ hasn’t so monopolised him, that he has no energy for the needy world.

I think Rowan excels in these pastoral fields, I hope he can be allowed to engage in this kind of ministry of care and reflection. I bet he’d go there if he could –such is his pastor’s heart. Perhaps, he will find a way to go there.

15 years ago

Bravo to Canterbury for speaking up so quickly in this latest iteration of violence. We are happily on another end of another spectrum, finding this voice. Many thanks and prayers.

Cheryl Clough
15 years ago

It has been excellent to see so many souls from so many denominations and faiths offering prayers for peace in the Middle East, including ABC. My prayers are also for peace, and that God will touch peoples souls to realise that peace is a multi-pronged phenomenom. True peace can not be imposed by States, bribed through religous institutions, intimidated by threats from the biggest warlord, gained through neglect of family nor basic needs. Thus solutions that only focus on one aspect – e.g. solutions from the State ignore the impact of other factors. So if the religious castes have a… Read more »

Justin Lewis-Anthony
15 years ago

I’ve given up on Ruth Gledhill’s blog (although I have been grateful for the educative process in reading it). A blog that allows a (moderated!) comment that says in its entirety “Rowan Williams is a moron” is much more on the heat than light end of the blogging scale. Gledhill’s blog seems to show two concerns only; selling of parsonages and synod being beastly to Israel. Her prototype blog would be 3000 words from Irene Lancaster on why the selling of parsonages was further evidednce of the anti-semitic conspiracy enveloping the CofE. Life’s too short.

Robin Bather
Robin Bather
15 years ago

Today Monday 31st July 2006 is a Day of Mourning for the 37 Lebanese children and 20 or more Lebanese adults killed by an Israeli bomb yesteray. Israel’s cruelly dispassionate use of banned weapons like white phosphorus bombs and “daisycutters” whilst the US procrastinates, constitutes war crimes by the Israeli government. Yet another internal confidential Israeli investigation is promised with regards to the slaughtered Lebanese but we can all expect another verdict of “Israeli army found blameless” as was the case of the internal confidential Israeli army investigations into the deaths of: James Miller Tom Hurndall Rachel Corrie The Palestinian… Read more »

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