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Saturday's papers

The Guardian has John Penny who writes about forgiveness in Face to Faith.

In The Times the Credo column is written by Mohammad Elmi and is titled We need imams who can speak to young Muslims in their own words. Also, Alan Webster writes about The revolutionary idea that God backs the poor.

Christopher Howse explains in the Telegraph about the decision of the RC bishops of England and Wales to move Ascension, Epiphany, and Corpus Christi to the nearest Sunday (thus outdoing the CofE which already allows Epiphany to be moved, as an option): Staying in bed on January 6.

Giles Fraser wrote this week in the Church Times about No tears for Top of the Pops. And the previous week Alan Billings wrote Show the terrorists that violence can never win.

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clive sweeting
clive sweeting
17 years ago

Can the Revd. Dr.Alan Billings or any other of your readers supply a universally valid definition of ‘terrorism’, i.e. one applicable in all times, places and circumstances? I cannot myself and feel that the term is best avoided if one wishes to engage in meaningful discussion of the problems it covers.

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