Thinking Anglicans

from the Saturday papers

Guardian Glynn Cardy writes that Church liturgy needs to use more metaphors in order to help people communicate with God in new ways, in Face to Faith.

And Evolution forgot the democratic process by Barbara Toner which is a follow-up to this earlier article by Harriet Swain: How did we get here?

Telegraph Christopher Howse on Compo’s gimcrack Gothic chapel.

The Times Roderick Strange writes that A discriminating discrimination is one of the seven pillars of wisdom. Also, Darren Oldridge says that It takes two to beat words into ploughshares.

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Cheryl Clough
17 years ago

There were some good articles here. I have to agree with Darren Oldridge that we need to stop dismissing people as simply extremists and start understanding their motives and rationale. After all, if it wasn’t compelling, they would not be able to recruit so many people to their cause. Similarly, it must have a certain level of plausability, or else a simple ridicule would have shrugged off the problem long ago. In this sense, we must turn to wisdom and have faith that we can find a compelling transcendent inclusive vision that will transcend the existing paradigms. Who knows, we… Read more »

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