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Jack Iker interview

Stand Firm has an interview with the Bishop of Fort Worth, Jack Iker
Read it all here.

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Cheryl Clough
15 years ago

It would be interesting to do a sociological correlation analysis between the conservative dioceses/parishes and their communities. Sydney had the race riots in 2005, and a leading Anglican responded with indifferent to the concerns expressed by the local Jewish community to aggressive prosletyising in 2003. This article about Fort Worth came up on the internet last week: Again I wonder if it is wise to separate the values of a church from its community, as if the two have no sociological impact on each other? Further, I again ponder that a church that can not envisage treating souls with… Read more »

Graham Eardley
Graham Eardley
15 years ago

Re The above comment by Cheryl Clough “The Church and its Community” I was always of the opinion that the Church a part of the community, Unless you are an advocate of the German Metaphysical school of thought, in which case I would ask you to try and define the metephysical properties of such a community and not include the Church ?

Chip Chillington
15 years ago

This article about Fort Worth came up on the internet last week:


I know one American looks like another, and one American city looks like another, to non-Americans, but Fort Worth, Texas, what ever its faults, is not Fort Collins, Colorado.

Ford Elms
Ford Elms
15 years ago

Interesting that he starts off with this: “It is always a temptation to dismiss those with whom we disagree by the use of derogatory labels.” and then goes on to refer to “revisionist” bishops”. Who is guilty of name calling? Well, both sides, of course, I just wish they would admit it.

Leonardo Ricardo
15 years ago

During General Convention 2006, Iker packed up/got up and left the room just before +VG Robinson was about to speak at the public hearings…the room had already been held hostage by the Archbishop of York as he refused to “finish” his comments and exceeded the “time” alloted for each person to speak…both of these gents apparently “dismiss” basic manners and guidelines that “others” are asked to observe.

Just plain arrogance.

David Huff
David Huff
15 years ago

Ford quite correctly points out the obvious hypocrisy in several of Bp. Iker’s comments (note: he also refers to the Presiding Bishop elect as “heterodox” – yet more name-calling).

Pot. Kettle. Black.

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