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church press reports on Communion stories

The Church Times has this article: Dr Williams invites US bishops to an exchange of views by Pat Ashworth

The Church of England Newspaper has these articles:
New York summit to bridge American divide by George Conger
Not everything is negotiable ,says Archbishop by Ed Beavan
Martyn Minns consecrated a Nigerian Bishop in US

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J. C. Fisher
J. C. Fisher
17 years ago

“Martyn Minns consecrated a Nigerian Bishop in US”

Um, just because the (notoriously biased) “Church of England” newspaper *says* so…

Cheryl Clough
Cheryl Clough
17 years ago

Beavan’s article quotes ABC as saying “By no means everything is negotiable for me. I would not be happy if someone said: Let us discuss the divinity of Christ. That to me seems so constituent of what the Church is.’’ ABC and solo scripturalists’ stance and conduct should redeem the Jews before God. One of my arguments has been that the Jews rejection of Christ and attempt to suppress the early church were based on wanting to be true to their theological roots and not to be seen to endorse a “heretical” branch of Judaism. In my prayers, I have… Read more »

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