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Daybreak at Kigali

The Global South Primates meet at Kigali in September. Michael Poon in Singapore has written an interesting essay about what we all might expect from that event: Daybreak at Kigali – Horizons before the Anglican Global South Primates in September 2006.

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14 years ago

Primates certainly should be champions of causes – and the ‘historic faith’ is well past its sell-by and urgently needs revision.

The sooner that there is a split and progressives can ditch the so-called Global South for good, the better. The split is coming, so lets just get on with it.

14 years ago

You know how early in the morning your eyes kinda cross and you see things that aren’t on the page?

I just saw the first sentence as “The Global South Pirates meet at Kigali…”

Hallelujah! I think I’ve had a Word of Knowledge! ARRRRR!

Martin Reynolds
14 years ago

This is a significant essay. We see that the excruciating Williams/O’Donovan axis will have at least one believer at the table for this upcoming meeting. The references to Rochester and Durham are telling. The oblique reference to The Network and the likes of Anglican Mainstream in the UK are damning: “My point is that Global South churches are not engineering schism in the Communion. However, ecclesiastical stakeholders in the Church of England and ECUSA may be at work and are using the Global South churches to advance their own political agenda. American churches may well use similar vote-buying tactics as… Read more »

New Here
New Here
14 years ago

Kigali, eh? I wonder if Bishop Samuel Musabyimana
will drop by to lecture the rest of us on morals.

14 years ago

Martin is right to point to the reference to Global South/conservative north relationships. Re-reading Simon’s Lambeth 98 reporting, which was recently linked to on this site, makes it clear that this alliance has had its tensions for as long as it has existed.
It has never been a case of the Global South primates doing as they are told by the conservative north, whether that means Pittsburgh or my town of Sydney.
This is not news to evangelicals. It may be news to some posters here – not Martin though I suspect.

David Rowett (= mynsterpreost)
David Rowett (= mynsterpreost)
14 years ago

New here mused:
‘Kigali, eh? I wonder if Bishop Samuel Musabyimana
will drop by to lecture the rest of us on morals’

conveniently forgetting, as do all liberals, that Scripture enthusiastically approves of genocide, and that it is perfectly permissible, if not incumbent upon all the faithful, to purge society of those who are offensive to the Almighty.

I for one am delighted to see that the unpopular but scriptural fidelity of Rwandan Anglicanism is at last being afforded the recognition it deserves, although predictably not by the revisionists.

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