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South Africa

In South Africa the government is considering a Civil Unions bill, and Reuters has reported that Thousands in South Africa protest gay marriage bill. The Anglican church there made its position known at a press briefing earlier in the week:
Cape Times ‘Church won’t challenge civil unions bill’
Daily Dispatch Anglican cleric searches for unity over gay issue Gays are God’s children – Archbishop

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Cheryl Clough
17 years ago

To acknowledge God’s children or not to acknowledge them? Last week I was witness to a conversation between two women who were both the offspring of impetuous women from the same rural town. Neither were allowed to marry their beau – because they were Catholic. So one child was palmed off as the grandmother’s child, the other as the aunt’s child. Both women had difficult lives and died prematurely. All because there was an arbitrary boundary of what was pleasing to God, and a human line to decide who should be treated with respect and who should be “cast out”.… Read more »

17 years ago

Well said Cheryl. I particularly see the point in Isaiah. Back in days when I attended an evangelical church, I remember one meme doing the rounds to have been `don’t put God in a box, restricting him, because you set up false idols in the process’. This is why many things should not be cast in stone but left as a moral choice. (And of course, you get the problem that some could see that as intrinsically permissive, opening the gate to abuse; or as you say, it can be a benefit that one group’s view is not imposed unfairly… Read more »

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