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still more about the New York meeting

The Living Church has published a further report which contains a lot more “inside information” about what happened. See Consensus on APO Requests Still Elusive. The most amazing detail is this one:

It soon became apparent that Canon Kearon and at least some of the bishops had not received a copy of the consolidated request for APO which had been sent to the Archbishop of Canterbury at his request in July.

This document was published in full here and elsewhere on 9 September.

Mark Harris has some further opinions in Curiouser and Curiouser: Mapping the Anglican Swamp. Incidentally it appears that the NY meeting involved only 11 bishops not 12 as some including me previously supposed.

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Marshall Scott
17 years ago

Interesting: so, some bishop or bishops are talking. I’m not really sure how it’s helpful. At the same time, the ending described sounds realistic enough. The elected Presiding Bishop and Presiding Bishop-elect acknowledged that these were decisions to be addressed by representatives of the larger church, including at least the Executive Council, the President of the House of Deputies, and the PB’s Council of Advice. Two leading network bishops insisted that anything less than oversight – independent of the General Convention – expressed down to the parish level, would suffice. This is, unfortunately, to be expected. Some wish to honor… Read more »

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