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Nigeria: violence destroys cathedral

ACNS has Cathedral burned and Bishop’s Office attacked in a riot

Other reports:
Reuters Nigeria clamps curfew on town after churches burnt
Associated Press Nigerian Christians flee to police after Muslim rioters burn churches, homes
BBC Arrests after Nigerian violence
Anglican Mainstream Cathedral burnt in Nigeria

And a background report to give some context: Norwegian Refugee Council via Reuters Nigeria: heightened risk of violence and displacement ahead of 2007 elections

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Cheryl Clough
17 years ago

My prayers are with ALL Nigerians, and their extended families and friends.

My prayers are that God touches their hearts to realise that peace will not come through the destruction of “the other”.

May the rest of the world witnessing this bring them shepherds who can heal past wounds rather than nurse old grudges. May they begin walking towards redemption rather than falling into “victory”.

May they learn to recognise and heed the advice of wise leaders, and ignore the folly of hate and violence mongering. May their faith in God/Allah enable them to not be provoked into retaliatory outbursts.

laurence roberts
laurence roberts
17 years ago

Joseph Ratzinger’s words can hardly have helped relationships between the 2 communities in Nigeria.

When will there be a gay backlash ?
When will his denomination apologise to US ?

Christopher Calderhead
Christopher Calderhead
17 years ago


This is not the time to ask for an apology.

(if you’re reading these pages right now)
You and those who have been the victims of violence are in my prayers.

J. C. Fisher
J. C. Fisher
17 years ago

Speechlessly sad. :-(…

Prayers for ALL.

Lord have mercy!

17 years ago

Bricking up the historic Anglican and interfaith fire exits above which hangs those familiar folk sayings on signs, Agree To Disagree, and Live In Peace, only helps to contribute to this untoward level of trading insults and violence.

Alas. Lord have mercy.

laurence roberts
laurence roberts
17 years ago

‘Christian pieties’ are all very well, and often strategically deployed I see. However, you can’t get away from Cause & Effect — try as you might.

‘This is so,
because that is so.’

What has happened in Nigeria has not come from no-where.

When seeds of hatred are watered and nurtured this is what happens — fruit of hatred is born.

Never too late to start watering the seeds of love, of acceptance. (When will the Primates make a start ?… )

17 years ago

ALL, Thanks for condolences and prayers. Nice to have concerned people all over the globe. Proud to be Christian and Anglican despite our differences. Will pass messages across. Please keep Bishop Lumu and people in prayers. The area is a predominantly Muslim one into which Christianity has recently been making inroads much to the chagrin of the Islamic teachers. Those that suffer most during such riots are converts and non-indigenes who have their sources of livelihood looted and destroyed.

Göran Koch-Swahne
17 years ago

Yes horrible, horrible – and that it didn’t come from nowhere is the most horrible of it all!

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