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Camp Allen letter to ECUSA HoB

The bishops meeting at Camp Allen, Texas, have issued a letter to their fellow ECUSA bishops. The full text of that letter can be found in this ENS release: Episcopal bishops meeting in Texas send letter to House of Bishops.

Another ENS release Camp Allen bishops vow unity amid of conflicts gives the background to this.

Jim Naughton at Daily Episcopalian has some sharply worded commentary on this letter.

The Living Church has Bishops Release Camp Allen Statement.

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Marshall Scott
17 years ago

I think the letter is marvelously ambiguous, and largely meaningless. Those who continue to hold “fundamental and ecclesial commitments,” and claim to recognize the “conciliar character of our Communion” shouldn’t be so dismissive of the conciliar action of the church in which they were ordained. I believe that soon this group will not hold. Those who will read the statement of the Global South primates from Kigali as a manifesto will not want to walk with those who aren’t happy with the “shortcomings” of the General Convention but aren’t prepared to leave. When next Wimberly calls a meeting, I imagine… Read more »

Matt Humphreys
Matt Humphreys
17 years ago

Well, the Camp Allen letter has Jim Naughton of Daily Episcopalian and Matt Kennedy of Stand Firm both foaming at the mouth, so I have to believe that it represents a positive step for centrists, moderates, and all of us “mere” Christians who don’t properly belong to any partisan camp.

What struck me was the fact that they spoke of being and working “within” the Episcopal Church. This, at the same time that the GS folks in Kigali are talking about setting up a separate structure for Anglican North America.

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