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PB interviewed on BBC and NPR

There is a short interview with the ECUSA Presiding Bishop, conducted by Jane Little, at the start of today’s Sunday radio programme. Listen here ( about 4 minutes, Real Audio, better URL later in the week).

And another radio report from National Public Radio here (5.5 minutes long) includes comments from the PB and also from Bishop Robert Duncan.

Update Monday
The NPR broadcast, more specifically Bishop Duncan’s comment, provoked a reaction from Anglicans Online which you can read here.

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Cynthia Gilliatt
Cynthia Gilliatt
17 years ago

Glad they included some sound bites from the investiture itself. The rousing ‘We Will” was awesome to be in the middle of!

Bp. Katharine extended the olive branch to those like +Duncin’, but I don’t know if there’s any chance it will be taken. Didn’t appear likely from his comments and the actions of his diocesan convention this weekend

I hope that, if things go as they look like, Bp. Katharine will be clever and effective in ministering to the many loyal Episcopalians who are in such poisonous dioceses.

17 years ago

Well probably nobody among us is perfect, but the more I hear of PB KJS’ comments about our traditional Anglican sources of authority, plus our historic institutional abilities to agree to disagree whle we continue in witness/worship and Tikkun, the more some pained empty place inside feels blessed and gifted with a worldwide voice that finally speaks clearly. So far I am content to realize that KJS is speaking well on my behalf, as she reaches out across all the differences that are meant to finally divide us in the current realignment campaign plans. I note a considerable, remarkable softening… Read more »

17 years ago

Yes, I heard this radio programme, and it’s good to hear the interview again. She is so clear–and yet has a twinkle in her voice ! I loved : ” I am prepared to work with anyone who is willing to work.! And something to the effect that !the 38 Churches of the Anglican Communion aren’t going to agree on anything any time soon….” A reminder of time scale and vitally of process. That is the process, discussion and consultation among the 38 Churches (not their Primates and what not alone). The wonderful diversity of squid — and of the… Read more »

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