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more trouble in Philadelphia

Updated again Sunday morning

Episcopal News Service reports that: PENNSYLVANIA: Standing Committee files complaint against Bennison.

The Standing Committee of the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania is alleging that its bishop, Charles E. Bennison Jr., “has repeatedly usurped” its “canonical prerogatives and authority.”

A so-called “verified complaint” sent to Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori formalizes the Standing Committee’s on-going dispute with Bennison over its claim that he has spent money and transferred funds without the Standing Committee’s required consent.

The complaint, signed by the five clergy and five lay members of the Standing Committee, claims Bennison has violated the canons of General Convention, the diocese’s canons and engaged in “conduct unbecoming a member of the clergy” in violation of the Episcopal Church’s Canon IV.1.1(e), (f), and (j).

You can read the full text of the complaint by following this link, on the Standing Committee’s own website.

The Diocese of Pennsylvania is scheduled to hold its annual convention on Saturday 11 November.

For earlier reports, see this.

In a separate story, the Philadelphia Inquirer recently reported that Critics say bishop hid brother’s sexual abuse.

A group called Concerned Pennsylvania Episcopalians has been formed.

Update Saturday morning The Living Church has reported in: Convention May Include a Referendum on Pennsylvania Bishop.

Update Sunday morning reports of the convention yesterday:
Philadelphia Inquirer Episcopal bishop hears some call for him to resign
Living Church Pennsylvania Convention Will Reconvene; Reprimand of Bishop Fails

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Christopher in Philly
Christopher in Philly
17 years ago

Keep all of us — bishops, committee, clergy and laypeople of DioPA — in your prayers, dear readers. (I’m thanking God with all my heart that I’m not a delegate to Convention…)

Caelius Spinator
Caelius Spinator
17 years ago

FYI, Simon, the publication is the Philadelphia Inquirer. Only its most disgruntled employees refer it to as the Enquirer .

Simon Sarmiento
17 years ago

Whoops, sorry, now fixed, CS. Thanks.

Davis d'Ambly
Davis d'Ambly
17 years ago

I’m with Christopher, we need your prayers, and of course so does Bishop Bennison. I too am happy to avoid the convention floor this go around. While PA has a tradition of being rather “congregational” in its outlook, it has become more divided than ever.

Cynthia Gilliatt
Cynthia Gilliatt
17 years ago

I was once told that Penn State University was deliberately situated in Happy Valley, under the shadow of Mt. Nitteny, to keep its students safe from the evil city vibes of both Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Given the behavior of the Episcopal bishops resident in both places, maybe they were on to something.

Seriously, I keep the good and loyal Episcopalians in Pittsburgh and the long-suffering Episcopalians in Philadelphia in my prayers.

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