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the Nigerian angle

Jim Naughton has drawn attention here to the Nigerian angle in the report about Northern Virginia that is in this morning’s Washington Post (also linked in the preceding item).

The Nigerian provincial website has this report of the recent meeting of Global South leaders in Northern Virginia. (Also on the Global South Anglican site.)

But Changing Attitude has a report from Nigeria which suggests all is not entirely well: Archbishop Peter Akinola unhappy with his secessionist friends in the USA.

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Leonardo Ricardo
17 years ago

Nobody in their right mind is going to choose the pushy/grandiose/messy and expensive ++Akinola as their Primate when they can have the tidy ++Southern Cone/behind-the-scenes specialist and Latin American nobody do their bidding for a little token praise, “acceptance” and a pat on the tip of his new custom made elongated mitre.

17 years ago

To be recognized as a province within the Anglican Communion, there is a need of at least 4 functioning dioceses. None, of course can the the current dioceses of San Joaquin, Fort Worth, etc., as dioceses cannot leave TEC. People may, but they will need to be constituted as entirely separate dioceses of a new geographical province. And, it will require lots and lots of jerrymandering to form a diocese, let alone a geographical province!

Martin Reynolds
Martin Reynolds
17 years ago

It’s all too easy to see too much in a single word.

The description of Peter Akinola as the “current” President appears only on the Nigerian website ….

There is a view that Akinola has lost much support in the GS ….. but then it is just a word.

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