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It’s increasingly difficult to keep up. Several reports today:

The Church Times has a report by Doug LeBlanc about the San Joaquin convention: Californian diocese votes to move from ECUSA.
One assertion in that report is, I believe, inaccurate. I do not think that the Presiding Bishop of ECUSA has uttered the words attributed to her here. I think this is a reference to what a spokesman said, as reported by the New York Times.

The Senior Wardens of Truro Parish and The Falls Church have responded jointly, in fairly strong terms, to the earlier letter they and others received from the Bishop of Virginia. The response is in a PDF file and can be found here.
Update there is now an html copy of this document available here.

Stand Firm has published an interview with Neal Michell from the Diocese of Dallas.

And last but by no means least, a Press Release from the Anglican Alliance of North Florida states that the Bishop of Florida has deposed six of his clergy. The letter itself is available as a PDF file here.

Update Saturday Florida Times-Union report on this: Episcopal bishop revokes 6 priests

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William R. Coats
William R. Coats
17 years ago

Look closely at the pronouncements of those hostile to and about ready to leave TEC. After all the Scriptural quotes and the chiding in the name of orthodoxy, one feature and one alone stands out: They want the property and the assets. To praphrase old Bill Clinton: “It’s the money, stupid”

17 years ago

There are so many phrases and quips from Holy Scripture to hide your bigotry and prejudice–Christians are the best at quoting Paul and Jesus in defense of their own violent tendencies. If we could just agree to love God and love our neighbors, would any of this be necessary?

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