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Geza Vermes wrote in the GuardianFace to Faith column that Mary was probably not a virgin in the modern sense of the word.

Christopher Howse wrote in the Telegraph about a Remarkable piece of cardboard.

Jonathan Sacks wrote in The Times about Chanukah, in Candles in memory of a clash of civilisations.

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Cheryl Clough
17 years ago

The requirements for the Moshiach do not require a “virgin” but a young woman of suitable morality. Jesus was Moshiach Ben David for that Generation and Mary satisfied the requirements for maternity. It just happened to be a particularly spectacular incarnation, one of God’s big “don’t ignore this one” moments – like the parting of the Red Sea. Sacks article was excellent, I also loved this article that went up on the weekend This article reminds us that put “…into historical perspective, had Antiochus succeeded, Judaism would have died. Its daughter religions — Christianity and Islam — would have… Read more »

Göran Koch-Swahne
17 years ago

“the torch of morality and the light of redemption would never be extinguished.”

But it has a l o t of background to shine against.

17 years ago

Happy Yom Tov !

What a wonderful festival.We are fortunate to have such ready access to the thinking, teaching and articles of rabbis and other Jewish teachers, nowardays.

17 years ago

The piece on John Newman is tender and evocative.
Also – brings out the pathos of a found object

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