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Listening Process at the ACO

The ACO website has a whole subsection, one of six areas under Windsor Process, concerned with the Listening Process and the work of Phil Groves.

There is a great deal of interesting and useful information on these pages, including several contributions from around the world, and they deserve a careful perusal by all Anglicans.

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17 years ago

Thanks so much for providing initial access to a range of what the listening process brings us among Anglican – and perhaps other – believers. All that did for me was to strengthen my existing hunches that a listening process across our diversities of views, paradigms, and so forth could do nothing but help us live together in peace and worship and witness and service as Anglicans. Given how easily this could have been done, provided we had had strong leadership and encouragement and funding for it, I am further persuaded that the realignment campaign is even more forced. Rather… Read more »

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