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The View from Fleet Street column for the Christmas issue is written this week by Stephen Bates. You can read it here at Religious Intelligence.


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17 years ago

its ff — er -fabulously funny ! Puts everything in perspective! A real hoooot !!

My only regret that I never thought of it ! : – )
Who says god isnt a stand up comic ?

Cheryl Clough
17 years ago

Thanks Simon.


Merry Christmas to all TA readers.

I hope that you have healthy 2007 and that we see more breakthroughs in improving the minimum standard of living for all humanity whilst reducing the amounts of violence and desecration.

Steve Watson.
Steve Watson.
17 years ago

Pretty good – but it missed this line:

FEBRUARY: Stephen Bates answers altar call at HTB Alpha weekend in Davos. Gives his testimony (in tongues) at New Wine in July. Publicly burns remaindered copies of his book. Invites Cheryl Clough, John Henry, drdanfee to the autumn Alpha supper at Sandy Millar’s episcopal palace, followed by some local shopping. Merseymike declines.

🙂 Merry Christmas!

Göran Koch-Swahne
17 years ago

Yes, God bless everyone and God Jul to you all!

Neil Barber
Neil Barber
17 years ago

Steve, of course such a line in February would have a domino effect through the rest of the year. The whole year would have to be reviewed again! 🙂

Happy Christmas…

Tom allen
17 years ago

It really is rather good which is a suprise given that it contains more facts and perception than anything he produced in 2006 which has been a poor year for religious affairs in the Guardian.

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