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primates meeting: Friday morning

Guardian Stephen Bates Anglican leaders avoid church split over homosexuals.

Daily Telegraph Jonathan Petre Primates consider ‘parallel’ Church.

New York Times Sharon LaFraniere and Laurie Goodstein A Move to Heal Anglican Rift, but Short of Conservatives’ Goal.

Los Angeles Times Morris Mwavizo and Rebecca Trounson ‘No talk of schism’ at Anglican conference and this editorial: Anglican angst.

Associated Press Elizabeth A Kennedy Anglican Leaders Discuss Stance on Gays

Reuters Katie Nguyen Anglican summit scrutinises US stance on gay clergy (updated version, adds quotes, details)

The Church Times (press deadline Wednesday afternoon) has this report from Pat Ashworth Tale of two hotels: archbishops assemble along with lobbyists near Dar es Salaam.

The Times paper edition has only a nib here.

Changing Attitude Day 4 report from Colin Coward.

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17 years ago

Surprised that Steven Bates does not understand how things work – bit embarassing?

The Primates have NOT “accepted” the report – they have received it and will be discussing it and then will make a statement on whether they accept or reject it.

Also, it is good they are talking with KJS – but note they are not at the communion “table” with TEC’s representative.

Also, +Duncan has not left Tanzania ….. Mr Bates seems to be somewhat out of line with the facts.

Göran Koch-Swahne
17 years ago

I think the important thing about this Report is not whether it will be amended or not but that it re-introduces a civilised tone, instead of the incessant shrieks and yellings meant to shut out listening, conversation and agreement (to disagree).

Karen B.
Karen B.
17 years ago

thanks. As always your roundup of links is very helpful.

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