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primates meeting: radio reports

The BBC radio programme Sunday carries two reports from Tanzania by Trevor Barnes, the first one is at the start of the programme and lasts about 7 minutes. URL for this one here.

The second one starts 26 minutes into the programme and lasts about 6 minutes. URL for this one.

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17 years ago

Trevor Barnes’ report is poor on detail and therefore analysis. He sidestepped mentioning the Windsor Report Sub-group, probably because it was too complicated for radio. It isn’t just a gay-orthodoxy division, which the radio pointed up. The radio report did not mention Akinola effectively being in the United States with his own bishop there and thus congregations, and I’d see this as connected with him not going to Zanzibar (surely he did not go just to avoid being photographed!). He said he was not going to go to Lambeth 2008 without all this resolved, and presumably (for him) it is… Read more »

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