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primates meeting: some blog responses

Kendall Harmon Early Reaction to the Communique

Scott Gunn Primates’ Meeting — what does it all mean?

Dan Martins That Cat Won’t Bark and This One’s a Big Dog (Hear It Bark)

Fr Jake The Primates Strike Out

BabyBlue Quote From Bishop Minns

Tobias Haller Of the Products of Primates

Mark Harris The Standard and its costs and Communique is out: there is Wreckage enough for everyone.

Anglican Centrist Primates’ Meeting Communique

Nick Knisely Some preliminary thoughts about the Proposed Covenant

Anglican Scotist Just Say No

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17 years ago
17 years ago

Thanks Christopher, I appreciate your effort to think about just how creatively and accurately to respond to this whole Communique plus Schedule business. I began to feel and think in similar directions, I must admit. That is, how can we formally comply with the demands, but spread the hurt around as equally-institutionally as possible, and establish church life to keep going in areas that are, at least at the moment, not policed and punished or threatened with punishment. Apparently for the moment, the Primates do not care a fig for the real lives of real lay people on the ground,… Read more »

Laurence Roberts
Laurence Roberts
17 years ago

The Jim Strader blog is wonderful !

Laurence Roberts
Laurence Roberts
17 years ago

Great blog Christopher
Great suggestions — too costly.

Not tried and not found wanting.

Cheryl Clough
17 years ago

Christopher I don’t agree about the rites of marriage not being done. I think people should be doubly committed to living in life-long monogamous relationships. But if the church is unholy, it doesn’t hurt to have a political protest and only have a civil union. You are still making the vows before God, just bypassing corrupt priests. Apart from that, they are excellent suggestions. I would paraphrase your rebuke that moderates who allow people to be cherry picked are part of the problem. To be part of the solution you need to be consistently championing treating women, children, GLBTs, the… Read more »

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