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The Times Jonathan Sacks Failure is one of the greatest gifts bestowed on the faithful

Telegraph Christopher Howse The man who made Byrd live

Guardian It may be a poor imitator of Jesus’s inclusive love and tolerance but the church is necessary, says David Self in Face to Faith.

Church Times Giles Fraser Why Lent needs to be a bit less busy

And, See addicts as victims, not criminals by Paul Vallely

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Cheryl Clough
17 years ago

I loved Sacks article. God so often uses the completely incompetent and doubting to make the point that “accomplishment” is not what leads to success. One of my favourite bible scenes is Gideon’s embarassed asking for verifiable confirmations so that people don’t think he is a complete whack. (Judges 6:36-40) Mind you, with this generation that would simply be seen as an opportunistic propoganda lie and the acts of a magician. On David Self’s article, well the church has played a useful role in keeping Jesus’ legacy alive, so we’ll just turn a blind eye to all the hypocrisy and… Read more »

17 years ago

So let us maybe tape this excerpt to all our progressive Anglican refrigerator doors: Even more than the strength to win, we need the courage to try, the willingness to fail, the readiness to learn and the faith to persist. Thanks to Rabbi Sacks. We had a discussion in my local home parish, years and years and years ago, organized around Reform Jewish views of the Old Testament, led by a Reform Rabbi from one of the local synagogues. It was truly a blessing, and helped me step further out of the closed USA Bible Belt readings. Now that has… Read more »

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